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Professional Bed Bug Control Services

Having bed bugs in your home or commercial space can substantially reduce the quality of your life. Bed bug infestations tend to cause extreme discomfort and anxiety as well. Eliminate these problems with the bed bug control services from Bentson Pest Management!

Keep your family and your home safe from pest infestations with our help. Let us salvage your property and encase your mattresses to prevent further infestation. The encasement also has a 10-YEAR warranty!
Bed bug

Our Bed Bug Control Services

• Residential
• Commercial
• Mattress encasement
• Property salvaging

What You Need to Know Before Treating for Bed Bugs

Making sure your space has been properly prepared is essential to make sure that treatment is successful in destroying your current bed bug infestation and making sure it doesn't come back. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your bed bug problems or your treatment, please call Bentson Pest Management at 877-276-2769.
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Bentson Pest Management offers a 10 year warranty on any Mattress Encasement  to protect your loved ones against bed bugs. Call today!

"I would recommend them to everyone! Very professional & asked us lots of questions to get the best application process! Hope to never have to call them again but if the need arises I won't hesitate!"
~Traci J.
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